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Shaw vs Telus impression

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I was a Shaw client for over 20+ years and now have joined the Telus band wagon for what I am feeling to be a bit of a mistake. It was sold to me as a fast dedicated service just to find out at time of my installation that I would only be able to join “copper 75” services. I have purchased a WiFi booster for my home and had to sacrifice one of my hardwire boxes to make room for the WiFi booster.
So far my experience has been painful and I’m contemplating switching back.... I have visited the stores looking for support and they are not familiar with the software at all. I am now waiting for technician to come by tomorrow and troubleshoot as I finally was able to connect with a person at Telus and possibly provide me with additional wireless box.
The set up of programs and software is nice and enjoyable but so far I’m a bit disappointed with the complicated access to customer services.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You could add  a switch to increase the number of hardwired ports on your network. Small cost for greater network speed. 


The retail stores are sales venues. They do not have access to the tools to assess issues with your connectivity. Telus provides a number of means to contact support, though, unfortunately they are at times overwhelmed with inquiry. 

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I feel really sad for you. What you are experiencing is the norm nowadays with Telus. Most of the new guys, and gals, at T are simply overwhelmed and can not meet the expectations of us, the customers. And unfortunately that's true now for the whole company from the technician on the road to the developer in the lab to the phone support person where you have to wait over an hour on the phone to get some silly answer. Just keep reading this forum about the technical difficulties and errors that remain unsolved. And nobody really cares. "We will call you back", maybe, if you are still alive. Think PikTV, two years on the market now and still not working, just garbage. The other apps on the box (outside of the Pik app) always work fine, just the P pos doesn't. And I call it pure arrogance if somebody thinks "new features" can hide the old flaws. The developers of this app are Kindergarten level, far away from being even average professionals. If they are unable to handle Android and Apple OS, why not try Roku OS. Seems to be very easy because all the R apps I use simply work.


Apologies to all the proven T employees who do an excellent job, yes they exist, and thank you for the good work. Please keep going, I met a couple of you. 


Your best bet is going back to Shaw ((if you can) and remember the new T slogan: Telus - The Future Sucks.