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Switching from Shaw to Telus and unsure how they will do it.


Hi there!

I'm switching from Shaw 300 to Telus Optik TV and Fiber 300 internet.
I'm unsure if I will be able to get it done and here's why...

I have the fiber connected to the side of the house by my garage (They offered to do this for free a couple years ago when they installed fiber on the street in case I ever wanted to switch).
My Modem and main TV hookup are in my living room running off of a Coaxial connection (Shaw 300 and TV).  
For various reasons I need my new Telus modem/router in the exact same spot in the living room where the Shaw router is now and bridged to another router. (I'm told my smart dns settings for BBC iPlayer can't be used on a Telus modem).  
My problem is I'm told the installer must run a different type of cable to the Telus Modem/router from my garage to my living room and that's probably not going to happen. as my house is completely finished and I'm not sure how you'd do it cleanly.  Is there anyway they can use the existing coaxial cable inside my house that I use now for Shaw cable??  Would there be a significant performance hit? Or maybe it is just not doable?
If not what are my options if any???

Thanks for any help you can give.
If you need more info please ask!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus has a device called a MOCA adapter which converts Ethernet to coax. They should be able to install these in a fashion to connect the Fibre ONT at the garage end of things to your preferred router location.

There are likely other solutions as well.


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They were able to put my modem where the Shaw one was without any new cabling, so I’m pretty sure they used the Shaw coaxial. I’m paying for Internet 150, but see about 175 whenever I test, and that’s from my own router, connected to the Telus modem. My ONT is in the garage and the modem and router are on the 2nd floor. 


The signal to my downstairs wireless 4K box was a bit weak, so they used the Shaw coaxial to connect that box, using MOCA. 


It it all works great and I remain happy I left Shaw 2 years ago, and feeling so sorry for those who haven’t witnessed a superior television experience. Greater selection of channels, more HD, and close to 10 4K channels!  You can’t wipe the smile off my face!


Oh, and my bill is less for a better product. 

Thanks guys! I get it done Friday so I'll let you know how it works out.

So the Friday install went great.  Now the only complaints I have is with the Telus customer service rep on the phone who set all this up.  First off he kept telling me he wasn't sure I had fiber hooked up to my house and I'd have to wait til the spring for them to drill and bring the fibre to my property.  I assured him the fiber was attached to the side of my garage as I was here two years ago when they did it. He reluctantly set up the service call and hurried me off the phone with a quick quote for my Channel package choice of Essentials plus you pick six.  

Fast forward to Friday the installer came (Ken who turns I coached him in High School Basketball) who was awesome.  He showed me that I not only had fiber run to the side of my house but two different lines waiting in the box. He brought it all through into my garage hooked up the ONT and routed it back through my existing coaxial cable in the house.  He then set up a router and cable box upstairs using a Moca, he also bridged the Telus modem to my Asus router where I now have better than 300 speeds on my downloads and uploads. 

Then with the TV service we found out I was not signed up to the channel package I had requested and was quoted on so we had to wait around on the phone while we got my essentials and pick six package put into place. Nor did they have the price quote per month I was promised.  After some hassle and phoning back and forth I finally nailed them down to a price that was cheaper than my initial quote. Oh we also set up a cordless cable box downstairs.
So I'm very happy with the physical install and was eventually happy my account woes were solved.
All in all a relatively positive experience and the picture quality and overall performance is superior than Shaw.