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Setting up a reliable network for 20+ devices

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We have the fibre 1Gig connection with the white round telus 'smart' hub. I'm trying to set up a network to serve about a dozen people divided in two separate households.


I have a Linksys AC1750 at the end of a 100ft Cat5 plugged into one of the ports on the Telus hub. There are 6 people (and at least 12 devices) running wirelessly off this router. I purchased the AC1750 from the local shop as when I advised them of the network I wanted to set up they said it was the best thing they had to accomplish the task (and that it could handle 20+ connections on it's own) This has a separate SSID than the telus one but in future would be great to have it the same for more seamless connectivity while outside roaming between buildings. 


The remaining people (6) are in wifi range of the main hub, We have 4 computers hardwired and probably 7 devices connecting wirelessly.


I have a standard gigabit switch plugged into the Telus hub to accommodate the extra wired connections. 


It's working reasonably well but just want to make sure I'm doing everything in my power to set up the most robust system possible. The only thing the Telus tech support were able to tell me was that the hub can only handle 4-8 wireless connections and that if I go with a non Telus modem and they change their firmware maybe my new modem will stop working. Not very helpful!!


My plan is as follows... Basically run the same setup but buy a good quality ONT to replace the Telus thing.  


Any recommendations for buying an ONT or general advice on how to configure my network would be greatly appreciated. We do not have Telus TV or telephone and all users are just basic needs, no crazy gaming or anything. Zoom and Netflix are probably the most demanding task on the network. 


I have a line on another (used) AC1750 for $35 so thinking maybe I could find a more cost effective modem only ONT, is that an option or are they all modem/router combos these days?



Community Power User
Community Power User

If it's working, don't mess with it. If you want a more seamless Wi-Fi setup, I suggest Telus Boost Wi-Fi. It will present the same SSID as th current Hub. You can connect them by Ethernet (recommended) or wireless to cover your area.


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