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Running fiberoptic cable through building

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I am running fiber to multiple points in the house due to multiple reasons. I want to know what style of connector should be at the TP and the ONT to make sure the service tech does not have issues connecting.

Also I assume TELUS want single mode cable all the way or should the patch be Multi mode?




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Community Power User

Telus will attach their connectors to the fibre. Fibre is only used to the ONT; all other connections are ethernet cable.

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And Telus have the ability in a residential application to to point to point fibre backhauls in a house. I would just run 2-3 cat5e or cat6a to each location you want and build the network like that. Telus can come and terminate the data jacks if you need, but they will want to charge you a per jack termination fee. So if you know how to do it yourself save yourself time and money.

It's really not hard and maybe needs $30 in tools and ports. Do it yourself. 


Telus moving wiring and adding is costly. I had them move my ONT from the living room to the garage and it cost me $450 (just because my daughter was small at the time and constantly trying to grab the wires...otherwise I would have mounted it to the wall - they left a few feet of cable lying around during the original install).