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Router stuffed in closet. Poor signal through condo


I have spoken to a few different people at telus now to say how i have terrible network performance. I have telus gigabit plan and have a network closest installed in my condo. the problem with this is that the previous tenent had taken the ONT device which takes the fiber signal and puts it to all the cat5 connections through out my condo. If it was there i could easily put my router in the middle of my condo with no obstructions. I was told by the technician who installed it that it was missing and that he could come back to install it if i experienced any issues. Fast forward to months down the line and many phone calls of technicians who don't seem to know anything about there product or networking and i am still using this router sitting on the floor tucked in a closest that is no where close to my devices and is sitting on a concrete floor with extra thick drywall for sound deadening and fire resistance. 

I have asked for either the ONT device that goes into the closest which was originally installed or to have a wireless bridge starter pack free of cost (since they are usually given as free devices as i have been told by a few friends with the service) but have been told each time that i have to pay out of pocket for them. This is a telus issue as i am missing telus equipment inside of that network closet. The easiest fix is to have the bridges so i can run cat5 to atleast 2 or 3 of the connections in the cat5 hub that is in the closest and place them around my condo or to send an ont device to me to setup and properly wire all my cat5 connections to put the router in a proper spot. 

The customer service is terrible over the phone and i seem to have got no where with improving this service. I have a gaming pc with a gigabyte wireless network card that is capable of receiving 1gbs and i only get 100 mbs some days and some days 300mbs. This is terrible when paying for triple those speeds. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

While the ONT will allow you to move the router to a more central location, it has only one usable ethernet output, so you can't use it to connect to all of the cat 5 cables in your telecommunications closet. I see two options:

  1. use the escalation email in the Contact Us section at th page bottom
  2. purchase an inexpensive router(s) which can be used as an Access Point, and place at the far end of the ethernet cables where needed. This will allow you to have wired and wireless connections at a distance from your current telecommunications closet.


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