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Question about WiFi Strength


I have a couple of questions about the strength of my WiFi, to which I seem to have a lot of problems keeping device connected to the system. 


First, I have the T3200M router and connected to the system is a pair of WiFi Boosts, one hard wired and the other not. I have a couple of cameras, one Nest and the other a solar WiFi device, which I can not seem to keep connected. When I stand at their locations and look on my phone, there is lots of WiFi strength. Using WiFi Analyzer App on my phone my WiFi beams seems to be the only beam in the channels. The one question I have, is why does the WiFi disappear from the App for numerous seconds (20 to 30 ) in comparison to the others it finds?


Secondly, is there an upgraded Router that Telus is now using instead of the T3200M? Also Is there an updated modem? I've had the fibre optic since it was available here, 8 years or so.


Community Power User
Community Power User

Each of your devices has its own wifi radio. What the actual devices sees vs what your phone sees can be two different signal strengths. 

Generally you should be running them now on the 2.4ghz channel for better range. Have you checked if the cameras have any new firmware/software updates?


The T3200M is currently the latest modem supplied by Telus.

I have tried to check the firmware versions on the cameras, but the Nest seems to need to be connected to the App, which it won't for some reason. I've tried every conceivable way and nothing. The camera does show up on a LAN scan with the correct IP address.


The other is up to date and will only connect on the 2.4 frequency.