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PureFibre Wi-Fi hub full bridge Asus Lyra

Just Moved In
Hi everyone,

I just switched from Shaw 300 to Telus 940/940. I have the asus Lyra mesh I used with the Shaw blue curve modem bridged, got over 300 down hardwired. Putting the Wi-Fi (arcadyan) hub into full bridge mode, it doesn’t go over 300. I’ve seen similar threads here but I don’t believe there was a solution yet. Hoping there would be some new info.

Also, once I put the Wi-Fi hub into full bridge, I don’t know how to get back into the UI. I tried plugging directly into the hub and the same doesn’t work. Is that normal?

Thank you!


Did you verify your Internet speed over Ethernet or directly from the router before checking your WiFi speed?

How many Lyra hubs do you have?

Which hub are you doing your speed tests from?

Thanks for your reply. I have 3 Lyra hubs.

I was just checking the connections with a wired back haul between nodes and I’m getting full 940 wired to the node. I guess I was surprised the speeds with wifi would only reach 300 on the wifi back haul between nodes.

You have to remember that the hubs require 2 WiFi connections to work if you don't use an Ethernet back haul. So the speed test of 300 actually means it's using 600 to do it, 300 to the device and 300 to the next node/router. There is overhead as well so the math isn't exact.