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Port Forwarding - port open but no traffic moves?

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Hi there. I have a device inside my LAN that is answering on port 8080. I can connect to it at 192.168.1.xx from elsewhere within the LAN and the service is there and working.


Then I forwarded inbound WAN connections and set the rules for both TCP and UDP to forward that one port on my inside server.


I tried a few of those "Port Checker" tools on the internet e.g. and they can see that the port is Open.


So I try:
$ wget http://<mywanip>:8080


or try to point my browser at that and it just hangs. I chatted with Telus L1 Tech Team and they were able to hit my service ok, so we know the port-forwarding is working.


So my question is why can't I access this service from outside? I have done this several times before without issue, for gaming etc. It's a T3200M and I'm on unlimited fibre.

Thanks for any advice.






Yes - the service is accessible on the WAN IP only from outside. Bizarre. Thanks!

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Community Power User

This may be of use:


Opening Ports in a Actiontec T3200M Router (

Just a long time customer hoping to help.

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Community Power User

You won't be able to access a device hosted on your LAN by entering your WAN IP on a device on that same LAN. If you have one device that has either a VPN or a cellular connection, try that and connect to the WAN IP.  This is a known issue and the way Telus has their stuff configured for a long time. Front line tech support likely has no clue of this as they don't usually provide support for port forwarding.


I have a T3200M, and fibre, and I've been forwarding ports on it for some time.

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Yes - the service is accessible on the WAN IP only from outside. Bizarre. Thanks!