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Poor upload speeds but only when hardwired




I am having a strange issue with my new telus internet. Currently with the gig fibre.

My speeds when I am on wifi are:


200-300Mbps download

100-200 Mbps Upload

1-2 Ping



My speeds when I am hardwired with cat6 cable are:


900-1000 Mbps download

0.01 Mbps upload

4-5 Ping



As you can see my upload speeds become absolutely abysmal and even though the download speeds are almost 1 gig I can barely surf the internet and have to only rely on wifi.

Has anyone had this issue?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried swapping ethernet cables? Is the connection from the router direct to the PC or is there something else between them? Do you have any other PCs or laptops you could test ethernet with to see if there is any difference?

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1. replace a router to troubleshoot router issues.
2. replace a computer to troubleshoot issues with the computer's network card.


So far this is what I have tried:


1) Replaced cat6 cable. Issue still persists.

2) tested my second PC. exact same issues with this one



The issue still persists.

Is there a setting on these new telus routers that crank down the upload speed when wired? I don't understand how my upload speed is 60x better when on WIFI versus wired.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I suggest calling for a service call as your issue doesn’t make any logical sense being a hardwired connection. There isn’t any restrictions on the modem end.


If a new install you can call the tech who installed the service. Otherwise you will have to call into Telus to schedule a service call.


A last resort your can factory default the router.