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Optik TV boxes appear as "inactive" in T3200M settings. Can't access PVR from TVs.

Friendly Neighbour

I just recently put a switch between my optical network terminal (ONT) and the telus router (the T3200M) in order to access the 2nd public IP address provided by purefibre. 


It may be a coincidence, but since this time, I can't seem to access the PVR from any of the other tvs in the house that are not directly connected to the PVR.  These other TVs use wireless digital boxes.  When I try to access the PVR recordings from these TVs, it says that the PVR is not accessible (or something to the effect that it is not visible on the network). 

I checked the T3200M settings, and the I see a bunch of OptikTV listings under the "Home Network" section that are "inactive", as well as the DVR_WIFI that is also inactive.  I can indeed watch tv from all the tvs in the house, just not access the PVR contents.

Any ideas?  The technical support people I spoke to at Telus were not helpful.  They didn't know you could get a second IP address, and had no idea what I was talking about.  One guy told me adamantly that you could not do so. 



Community Power User
Community Power User

Simply putting a switch between the ONT and T3200 should not have any effect on the devices connected to the T3200 as long as it was connected correctly. Is the ethernet cable from the switch going to WAN on the T3200 or one of the LAN ports? Is the PVR still connected to one of the LAN ports on the T3200?

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