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Telus Home Service scam

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I received a call from a “Telus representative”. He had a very heavy accent and it was difficult to understand. He was offering a loyalty reward of 40% off my home services. Internet, TV and home phone plus Netflix and Amazon. They would replace my DVR, Telus boxes and modem. (Ours we’re just replaced recently). I asked why we were being offered this discount. His reply was we are loyal customers. The only cost to us would be a $30 fee for the technician. He had both my husbands name and mine and our address. When he asked for my drivers licence, it confirmed my suspicion. I told him I would not give my drivers license to someone who called me. He claimed he needed it to confirm who I was. I told him that he called me, the loyal customer. When I refused again, he ended the call. He was calling from 604-998-2231.


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Community Power User

This has been reported before:


Solved: Phone scam about new plan - TELUS Neighbourhood


You really need to be vigilant!

Just a long time customer hoping to help.