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New Telus Wi-Fi 6 Access Point and Wi-Fi Jack


Here's the 2 new peices of equipment from Telus. They are only being installed in select areas as of now.




The TELUS Wi-Fi 6 Access Point contains next-generation Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6 technology that provides whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, increases wireless network capacity, and delivers faster speeds. Designed to live quietly in an open area of your home, the TELUS Wi-Fi 6 Access Point harmonizes powerful technology with a friendly and approachable form. The removable base provides a clean, clutter-free aesthetic and enhances its user-friendly functionality. With the TELUS My Wi-Fi app, users can quickly set up, pause and manage their Wi-Fi network.






The TELUS Wi-Fi Jack combines an improved installation process for both technician and customer with an elegant, modern design. Available in two forms to satisfy either in-wall or surface wiring, the TELUS Wi-Fi Jack is designed to accept a variety of industry-standard keystones to accommodate all varieties of wiring found in the home. The simple, distinctly TELUS design is easy to use and blends seamlessly into the home, allowing it to be centrally located so the connecting Wi-Fi device functions optimally. The enhanced, integrated features reduce servicing costs while significantly improving the customer experience.