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New Internet and optik tv installation in home

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Hi all, we have an appt scheduled for a new install of fibre internet and tv to our home. I checked outside and see the line coming to a box installed on the side of our house. We are going to try the contactless install....any feedback on this?


I noted that a hole will have to be drilled to get the line inside the house. How does this work in a contactless install?  Does the telus tech drill a hole from the outside, then feed the line to us inside the house, and we do the connections, wall adaptor, etc?   


Thanks for any comments, input 🙂





Community Power User
Community Power User

The Telus Tech will provide you the already configured gateway / router, with a coil of fibre. You will attach it to the tip of the drill once the hole is made, and the Tech will withdraw the fibre, attach it along the house to the current termination point, and connect it to the Fibre at that point. Confirmation it is working will be done by the Tech connecting to the Wi-Fi of the gateway.


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Thank you for the info!   I presume, the tech will give us a wall cover to cover up the hole in wall etc too?  cheers