Inconsistent and slow internet on 750 mbs plan


I've had more than 10 technician come to our place to try to resolve our issues. None have been successful. They all repeat the steps prior technicians have done, and nothing changes. 


The issue:


On a 750 plan, I receive inconsistent speeds that range from 10/10 (upload in mbs/download in mbs) to 200/250. The upper end is extremely rare. I would say the average tested across MANY devices in the home are about 20/50. I also seem to get frequent dropped signals on both 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz bands - the 5 ghz is the worst. Occasionally, I can't even stream YouTube music on my computer! I signed up for Telus 750 to stream. That's an impossibility with 30-60% dropped frames due to poor internet connection.


Attempted fixes:


  • Modem gets changed by the technicians every visit. I'm not convinced any had issues.
  • Different modem types were tried out, but it was mostly the t3200.
  • Wireless extender is sometimes put in which seems to increase the wireless signal to about 150/200 which is still significantly lower than expected. I would be expecting about 450 or 500 wireless. On the website, Telus Pure Fiber states "TELUS always makes sure that every customer gets more than enough bandwidth (or capacity) to get their posted speed, even during peak hours. This means, for example, that if you’ve signed up for Internet 150 – whose posted speed is 150 Mbps – you will actually experience speeds of 150 Mbps day and night, including the peak hours of 6pm to 11pm." Smiley Frustrated
  • ONT was replaced. No change.
  • All cables were tested. Cat 6 runs from ONT to modem. Telus cat 5e runs from modem to devices. Wired remains at about 10/20.
  • Tried to use coaxial from ONT to modem. No change.
  • T3200 plugged directly into ONT with a short CAT 5e cable still produces wire speeds no higher than 200/300.
  • Telus tech support insists that the ONT is being fed 750.
  • I've confirmed for TELUS that my devices are capable of gigabit speeds. For example, my desktop computer has a Killer gigabit Ethernet controller, yet I get 10/20 on there wired and about 20/30 wireless.


It's an extremely frustrating situation, to be sure. We've had 750 for almost 6 months now and have been struggling with lower average speeds than my brother gets out on his farm. The most recent TELUS tech came today and says he can't find a solution, so he will tell TELUS to downgrade our internet plan. I don't want a downgraded plan. Downgrading my plan will not solve the problem, it will just mean I pay less for the same inconsistent and super slow speeds. I'm hoping someone out here has an idea. My best guess is there's something happening to reduce the speeds from the Fiber in -> ONT, but Telus ensures that the ONT is getting the correct speeds. Any ideas?








I'm also curious if you can ask your neighbors what they get for internet speeds.


You can also connect a computer directly to the ONT - e.g. a laptop connected directly to the ONT with a short CAT5 cable - set the computer to DHCP and it will pull an IP address - then test the speeds.  This would eliminate everything except the ONT and computer from the equation.  If you are sure that the computer can operate at gigabit speeds (for instance it operates correctly internally on your network transferring data at gigabit speeds with other devices on your network) and you still don't get the full 750/750 up and down then the problem lies with Telus equipment or the fibre line itself.  This is a basic troubleshooting technique - eliminate everything you can from the picture until you get what you want - and then add equipment back into the picture one device at a time until the error happens again - and then you know where the problem lies.  I would also ask Telus what evidence they actually have that the ONT is receiving the full 750/750 speeds.  I can't remember where Telus does the rate limiting for your subscribed speeds (at the ONT or at the switch/router at the other end of the fibre line) but they can certainly change the speed on the fly so they could even experiment with different rate profiles as a troubleshooting technique.

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Just a suggestion: check your firewall settings on your computer. I was getting slow speeds to my gigabit hardwired desktop computer. Upon further testing, I had Symantec Endpoint Protection installed with the "Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection" setting in the firewall enabled, and once I disabled it, my speeds returned to more than 750mbps.

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I've had the same issue with mine and tried many of the same fixes as you. I found using a VPN actually helped a lot as it seems that the dynamic IP settings of the router we have send our signal all over the place. I spoke to a tech and they said to either use a third party router or try getting a static IP, I haven't tried either but am about to give a third party router a go and see how that works.


If you have Gigabit Ethernet on your computer, then the theoretical max is 1000 mpbs. For WiFi, the max for 5G is 1733 mbps, so you will probably get higher speeds on WiFi in that range. The max for 2.4G is lower at 385.2 mbps for a Telus Boost. Here is what I see with WiFi Explorer. The 5G and 2.4G networks are on a T3200M and the Ridernet network is on Telus Boost which are hardwired to the T3200M.


Here is what I see in WiFi Explorer on my MacBook. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 9.50.40 AM.png


We have had 3 technicians come in ever since upgrading from telus 75 to gigabit internet. Ive noticed worst ping spikes while gaming and some games unplayable ever since upgrading. The support and technicians always repeat the same script and dont know anything! Even uploading small files takes forever but when it comes to huge files its no problem.