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New Google Sign-in and Telus Email


Google updated their sign-in pages a couple days ago. Now my Chromebook is constantly trying to sign-in to Drive and Docs on my Telus Google account. Telus email uses the Gmail  platform but they have all other Goolge services turned off (Maps, Drive, Docs etc.)

This was not an issue prior to the update. Does anyone know how I stop Google from tryiing to sign me into these blocked apps? I have 2 Google accounts and am not having any issues signing into my non-Telus Google services. 

I could remove my Telus Google account from my device, but I am not sure if that will also stop me from receiving my Telus emails on my Gmail App.



This is a very big issue, email and core google services (Maps , Docs , Sheets etc... has been poorly handled for years ..)


I am sure EVERYONE with an Android device and Telus.NET email (With google services disabled .. )  has been getting this issues these last weeks ..


Samsung S20 FE

- Build Number - TP1A.220624.014.G781WVLSCHXA1

- Network Service - All Modes , Mostly 5G but this is not a factor


Can A telus Customer open a Support ticket WRT this ? 

Hey Everyone.


Thank you for your patience and feedback on this issue, and the example details you provided. This has been helpful with resolving the issue. 


We have been able to work with Google on the issue and they have made a change to reduce the frequency of the alerts. They are working on a full fix and will have this completed for us soon. I have noticed that my frequency is much lower now and I am not able to reproduce the issue as much as I could before.


The one app that is still pretty consistent is Maps, which we have raised back to to Google and they are working with the team on resolving. 


As more updates are provided, I will continue to provide them to you here. 


Thank you!

Cannot access google play store. The error message ...there are no apps to install, since your administrators haven't made any available to you yet!

Looks like my google maps issue might be solved.

very frustrated and will likely cost me 200.00 for game tickets I cannot download to my android phone for tomorrow. July 12th

Just Moved In

- Android Build Number = UQ1A.240205.002
- App build number =
- Device/Hardware = Pixel 7
- Network Service =  5G and Wifi

Friendly Neighbour

Here's what you can do to fix this annoying issue. Go to "settings" "accounts" "manage accounts" then scroll to where you see your Telus email address and click on this account. Then you can either "remove account" or, if you're uneasy with that, just click on "sync account" and unselect everything. We've all been getting these messages because our devices are trying to sync our Telus account with Google apps and that won't work. 

Just Moved In
I tried unsyncing my account and that didn't work, so I removed my account.

Friendly Neighbour
I hope that works for you. It did for me.

I tried that last week on both devices and I still get the notifications.

Friendly Neighbour
Sorry to hear that. I used one option on my phone and the other on my tablet. Both worked. Maybe make the account changes and restart?

For my problem, It is google maps and google drive that is trying to login every day.  There is a sync option for google drive but no sync option for google maps.  i will try enabling and disable the sync options again and reboot both devices but not sure that will help with google maps as there is no option to stop that.

Friendly Neighbour

I also have no sync option for Maps, but I also was not getting log in attempt notifications regarding Maps. Not sure what else you might try other than to delete that Telus account. 

I tried the de sync and delete, still got notifications for Drive and Files. Installed K9 email client and no more notifications.

Friendly Neighbour

Maybe that's part of the answer. I use BlueMail to get my Telus and other email, not Gmail.