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Moving to a new address and no fibre internet


New address only offers Internet 50 which is not going to satisfy my work requirements. I will be forced to switch provider to satisty my bandwidth requirement. So it is not my intention to switch as I am in a 2-year contract. But I need to as I will lose work if I don't get the bandwidth. So clause says cancellation fees will be waived if services cannot be installed. And I require the same service I have now, it cannot be done. So why will TElus force me to stay with the plan and force me to pay cancellation fees when clearly it is there fault they cannot provide the bandwidth I need.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Cancellation fees would be waived if internet service wasn't available at all in the new address. Unfortunately due to location, age of a building/residence, existing wiring conditions, etc. the speed you have at your current location may not be yet available at the new one. We're working on expanding our network and improving speeds everywhere as quickly as possible.