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Is there a link/list of SFP transceivers used by Telus in Edmonton?


Am exploring the option of bypassing the Telus ONT by way of connecting bend-insenstive patch cable from the Telus NIB on house exterior to EdgeRouter X SFP router located 15-20 feet away inside residence.  Question though is which SFP transceivers are compatible with the Telus Pure Fibre FTTH GPON service?  It seems to me that the best chance of success would arise from purchasing  a 'Telus standard' SFP transceiver, meaning one of the SFP transceivers that Telus actually uses in FTTH service to residential locations in Edmonton?  So question is, is there a link or list available of the SFP transceivers used by Telus / Telus techs in Edmonton?


An alternative is to find out what the exact specs are (from Telus?) for the Telus PureFibre service in Edmonton, and then purchase (Amazon?) what looks to be a compatible SFP transceiver.  While possible, seems better for FTTH newb to go with an 'ISP standard" transceiver actually used / provided by the ISP (i.e. Telus).  Helpful links, suggestions much appreciated.  Thanks.



My understanding (possibly incorrect) is that the SFP must be provisioned to set up some kind of encryption or authentication keys, and you wouldn’t be able to do that yourself. Even if you can just swap in your own somehow, what do you hope to achieve by doing this? I certainly understand wanting to replace the router and using your own for many different reasons, but I don’t see any reason to do so for the ONT apart from “because I can”.

Mainly curiosity / part of an exercise in becoming familiar with (not expert in) networking at the endpoint, including configuration/operation of a wired router like the Edge Router X SFP in a SOHO use case. So no expectation of any service level/bandwith improvement, and no plans to quit the day job:>

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Do you have Optik TV service?

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No.  I passed on all the extrax, as only needed the high speed internet.