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Is it possible to set your Boost Wi-Fi network name the SAME as the main Telus modem network name?

Helpful Neighbour

Hi, I've got the T3200M modem and just got a starter pack of Boosts.  I used to have an Extender, which I did not like because it was running a different SSID (I was told it's not a good idea to use the same SSID for it as the main router's for conflict reasons), so as I moved from one part of the house to the other, I'd have to manually disconnect from the main router's wifi network, and connect to the Extender's.


When I got the Booster Starter Pack, I was told their main benefit is the mesh network they create, and that I'd basically end up with a stronger signal for my main network name all over the house, and would no longer see two SSID's.  I figured it would be seamless going from one part of the house to the other, and always have a strong signal.  I thought that's the whole concept with these repeaters, etc.


Except when I set them up, I see they still have their own unique SSID and password...  I expected them to pick up the main router's network name and password, so I'm no better off than before!


I see that I can change their SSID and password:


But I'm wondering whether it's ok to do so, or may cause issues, like I was told with the Extender?  I'm surprised it's not explicitly stated in the guide that you can or cannot do so...


Anyone know if I can, and whether it would cause any issues / conflict with the main router broadcasting the same SSID?


Helpful Neighbour

I'm guessing it's not this one, which is the closest looking Actiontec product?  I doubt Telus would have them change the casing for them, as they didn't for any of their other products - they just rebranded them.


Or this one, which looks totally different:


Community Power User
Community Power User

The new white wireless hub Telus uses is from Arcadyan. There is no user manual publicly available for it, nor does the manufacturer list the device on their website.


$120 for an additional Boost unit isn't unusual. Other mesh devices cost around that much for a single additional unit. Only the Boost ones as far as I know will directly extend the home network from the hub.

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