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Internet upgraded to 2.4 5.0 g - how do I get it returned to my original?


This was just done on Saturday and I have had nothing but problems with the internet, including losing service in the main floor of my place - printer not working. - web pages not loading.   I'm very frustrated and unhappy.  I don't know why it was changed to 2.4 & 5.0 g without my permission - I want my previous set up back which was working throughout my home and the only issue I was having is that when watching youtube etc. on tv, there would be intermittent periods of buffering and then it would resume.


I feel like I did not know what was going on with the upgrade and wasn't asked if I wanted to move up or what the complications/problems were going to be.  


It's not been 4 hours straight on Saturday and 2 subsequent calls that resulted in no results and a lot of time spent.


Can anyone help me?    I'm not buying a new printer or paying for some other piece of equipment that apparently I might need to do because Telus agent decided to move me over to 2.4 & 5.0 g


Now a service technician is supposed to be coming out but in the meantime I have to print and I can't and I keep losing my internet connection and then I have no internet connection in my main floor bedroom causing high usage of my mobile date.





@MN1 Wrote: Now a service technician is supposed to be coming out


I think you have managed to answer your own question here. The TELUS tech is in the best position to correct, and fix the problems that you are having. Take a moment to discuss what you want to achieve, I'm sure that they will assist you as best the can.


It is unfortunate that situations arise like this, however, in my experience most of the techs want to have happy and satisfied clients. 


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Thank you however the cost has been 5 days down and struggling.

I needed to print multiple documents and have full internet which I was both able to achieve prior to the changes. That should have been addressed at the time and resolved so I could either say I agreed or not.

I work at the hospital and this has been very stressful as I need my internet service.

I do hope that you are right and I will be up and running all devices etc :hundred_points: after technicians visit

Please excuse any typos & bizarre auto-correct. 🙏

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