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Internet light orange for 4 days. No cable

Just Moved In
In Ucluelet. Modem has orange light on for 4 days. No cable. Spotty internet. Help

Community Power User
Community Power User

Follow the basic troubleshooting follow the guide here. If it brings no resolution contact Telus which will more then likely result in a service call.. There are no reports of any issues in Uculet. If wide spread there would be more chatter on the neighbourhood.

Actually a number of people have posted on facebook their service is down. And no replies from telus with phone calls. This is a problem here

Community Power User
Community Power User

No replies from phone calls? Did you speak with someone at Telus? The more people that speak to someone at Telus, the better. There's a really good chance the nearest tech is in Port Alberni so it's possible there isn't a tech in Uculet daily. More reports could mean faster response and repair.

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