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Internet access without account?

Just Moved In

I recently moved in with a new roommate. When the previous roommate moved out, they cancelled the internet but the T3200M wifi modem was left connected. It has been a few months now and we are still able to access the internet without having an account. Does anyone know if we can be back charged for the previous months? I am asking because we've been having a bit of a hard time with wifi internet access. At random points through the day, although devices still say they're connected to wifi with full strength, the internet will stop working. Usually switching back and forth from 5G to 2.4G solves the problem, but sometimes the modem will have to be restarted. There isn't any problem netflix, but other streaming programs lag terribly sometimes and barely work (usually at 'peak' hours). My roommate and I also have to turn of the wifi on our phones and laptops in order to stream properly. Is there any way I can improve this without having to contact telus?  I know I shouldn't be complaining because hey, free, but its incredibly frustrating.



It's probably running on a bare bones ADSL profile so its getting anywhere from 1-6mbps in terms of speed. You shouldn't be getting any data flow really but like you said, free. There is nothing you can do to improve the connection other than signing up for your own service. The previous roomate may be dinged for non-returned equipment fees since he didn't mail the modem back. It's probably $149 for that modem.