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Internet Contract/Need answer from Legal Department

Good Day Everyone,
I don’t know if anyone had the same experience that I had with Telus home internet. I work from home and internet is the most important part of my work. I cannot work without internet.
I signed up for 2 year contract for Telus home internet in 2022. My contract was good and no complaints up until May 2023 when suddenly one day I have no internet service at home. We called in to customer service and they told us that there is someone else who is also trying to get the internet service at the same address as mine. We clarified that there is no one other than me living at this address so someone either gave them wrong address or it’s a fake account. After 3 hours of conversation Telus re started our internet service.
Now a week ago in early August 2023 the same thing happened. I called Telus customer service line explained the same solution after 3 hours of back and forth Telus reinstated my service.
Now, since Sunday August 13, 2023 i have no Internet at home. I work from home 100% and my job requires internet and I am out of internet.
As per Telus they can’t reinstate my service without the permission of the guy who created this mess by creating a fake account or giving them the wrong address…
My main question to Telus is who canceled my 2 year contract? I never cancelled my contract. How Telus can cancel an active contract on what bases?
Second question is my contract started in 2022 and the fake contract started in May 2023 then why Telus need his permission to reinstate my contract/service? When my contract is older than his contract. How Telus can cancel my contract? So anyone can call Telus anytime to cancel anyone’s contract?

Third question is on what bases they activated his contract when I am the owner of the house? And I have been living at this address since Jan 2021. And I am the only owner of this house.

Telus should compensate for all the mess I have been through. I have been living without internet since Sunday almost a week.
I need answers from Telus Legal department.

Thank you and God Bless you.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That sounds like a headache for sure, @Shonu. The community may not be the best venue for this as this will need a deep dive into your account. 

I'll send you a private message to confirm a few things to try and help. Keep an eye out for it 🙂