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Internet 75


We have been with Telus Internet since 2019, and we have moved from 2 houses since then. Internet speeds always spikes between 5 to 25 mbps with 5 being the most daily we get and rarely reaches 25, never past it. What can I do to fix this? is this a problem on my end or is this a problem of the router? The Router has not been touched since it was setup by telus since we moved to the new house.


Community Power User
Community Power User

If your internet speed is not close to the level of service you subscribed to, you should contact Telus.


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I'm on Internet 75 and get an average of 82.7 in the last month.

How are you measuring your speed? You definitely need to contact Telus to see what the problem is if you are measuring the speed at the router. If you are measuring at your device then you may be seeing WiFi issues on top of the Internet speed.