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Rural Internet

Just Moved In

I have a Telus Smarthub for rural area at our cabin on the lake that we travel to on the weekends, the last 2 months it has been crapping out. I arrive Friday night spend up to 4 hours trying to fix the connection, turning on and off, the whole bit, Saturday I usually phone telus and we try some solutions, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  When it does work, I come back to the cabin on Friday to find it doesn't work again and start the whole process over.  This is such a pain to pay for a service that doesn't work more than half the time. I have been waiting for over a week for Telus to call me back regarding an antenna, does anybody know if they would make a difference? I am not sure if trying a new hub would make a difference or should I try starlink.  My neighbour is having the same issue with her Telus smarthub so we are waiting to hear back from telus before we try smart link. Anybody have any suggestions?



@Ernie507  Search this neighbourhood  you will find a lot of hub problems and some answers. Telus over sold the hubs and the tower can't supply the speeds is most answered one. A free antenna next How?. Beware starlink  has  been restricting by lot in the last 3-4 months people are not pleased even quiting the service . On a blog i saw somewhere the signel i being  being made available to the Ukraine military T or F ???????