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Insulting offer.

Just Moved In

I'm presently paying $85 a month for Internet 150. My contract goes on until September 2021, and right up until now, I was more or less satisfied with my service. 


Now, I just got a "great" offer from Telus, being an existing customer, to upgrade to Internet 300 for "$10 more" (so $95 a month) for 3 months, before I then pay $120 a month thereon (or a whopping $35 a month more than what I'm paying now). 


This isn't an offer. This is an outright slap in the face. 


I take it Telus either thinks the average customer is an idiot willing to pay that much more extra for speeds that aren't particularly necessary.  This isn't exactly inspiring customer loyalty.  If they wanted to give me a reason to consider another company (there's one now offering internet 750 down / 100 up for $85 a month), Telus definitely gave me an impetus to look at it when my contract's up in 8 months. 



Now, do you really need 300??