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I have the Internet 100 plan in Edmonton but can't find info on the plan.

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After doing a few different speed tests I've found that I'm averaging 28.3 Mbps downoad and 24.6 Mbps upload. I am told my download speed is below average for Edmonton. 

Considering the plan costs $100.00 I am wondering if I'm getting appropriate value for my dollar. 



@Quentin  Are you on copper or fiber?  Looks like an old plan at $100 what can you compare it to if you go to the shop site at top of this page. Best call in to BILLING and find out about your plan. Know what the other plans are  (copper an fiber) the speeds and monthly usage caps. You might have an old plan that is grandfathered. You can change but can't go back. Study it don't rush. It might be your best buy. Polecat I am on 25/25 with up and down both at 28. 300 cap for a month.


No, that is not acceptable for what you are paying in Edmonton. I got nearly 80 down and 20 up with copper Internet 75 in  Edmonton. I have switched to fiber and now get 87 download and 79 up or around that amount. Call for technical support and complain. 

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How are you testing your Internet speed? If over wi-fi those numbers are entirely possible. You need to do a test over a wired connection or directly from your router.


Telus regularly modifies their plans. To find the details of your plan login to your account or use the My Telus or My Wi-Fi apps to see that info.


Note that the My Wi-Fi also has a speed test that gives results from the router to get a good idea of your actual wired speed.



Just a long time customer hoping to help.


I’m on internet 100 and was having slow speeds and the problem was the wall outlet. After it was replaced my speed through the my wifi app is 96 down 35 up.

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Hi y'all. Thanks a bunch for the feedback so far. Just a few updates. 


I haven't had a chance to phone TELUS yet to get more info or suggestions. 


Internet 100 is an older copper plan. It's annoying I can't find records of their copper plans on the website. 


I'm frustrated because for the longest time TELUS' online resources have said that fibre is available at my address and I even vaguely remembering the installation period, but  in past calls, the call center insists that fibre is not available at my specific address. There's a disconnect there that I'm not happy with. 


I'm testing my internet speeds on various speed reporting services, with my desktop pc directly connected to the modem via ethernet and making sure there are no devices connected to my wi-fi network while I run the tests. 



If you go into your modem (the address and password should be on the side of the modem) you can check some setting there. To get 100 Mbps you must have a bonded modem with two phone lines going into it. There should be a screen that gives you a rating on the quality and speed of each of the two lines. That will tell you if there is a problem with the copper lines into the home. I am on fiber now so I can't give you the exact screen to bring up but it may be in the advanced section. 

@Quentin  Have you ever tested your db strength. I use  ( )  with laptop you can wander around the house find the weak spots. I am getting -48 db 30+ feet from t3200 in basement far side house . It will show all wifi that are close to you and what channel they are on. Will help in placing modem router in the best spot. My speeds 28 up down were measured on wifi little faster on hardwire but not much. I am on 25/25. If the laptop locks on to the 5ghz the speeds drop off and so does db readings. Polecat