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How to use the Net and Optic TV without Hub or Booster

Just Moved In

Hi i have Optic TV and Net installed but the WiFi signal dies rapidly Hub and one booster can not get the wifi to my bedroom. So i Got the Deco X60 Mesh network. Signal is strong and good wifi . Some one suggested IGMP enabling on Mesh. i have done that and TV works on hard wired main unit. but the bedroon Unit does not connect to the Wifi and keeps asking for Hub and Booster combo which barely works in Bedroom with choppy / laggy Video.


Any suggestions if we can dump the Hub Booster combo for better Mesh Network and get wifi tv working as well. If i am kept hostage to Hub and booster i will need 3/4 Boosters as they barely cover one room and get weak signal to next room.


hope to get a solution to this


Community Power User
Community Power User

I had a dead spot in our home and limited options as to were to put boosters. I ended up going with powerline networking and have been pleased with the results.