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How to access router settings

Hey everyone!

I'm just wondering how I can access my router settings?
I have a WiFi light that needs a 2.4 GHz signal to connect, but for some reason it's not connecting, even though I think I have smart steering on my router.

I'm trying to access my router settings, but I don't know how to do that.

I used the Telus WiFi app, but there's no options to do that in there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Follow iistructions here:


Do you see one WiFi SSID that belongs to you or do you see two (excluding any guest SSID that may be on)? If you see only 1 then Smart Steering is probably on.

If Smart Steering is on and you smart device cannot connect then try turning Smart Steering off. In my experience Smart Steering causes more problems than it solves. If you turn it off you will need to have a different SSID for each band. It's easier if you keep the current SSID for the band that has the most devices and create a new SSID for the other band. That way you will have fewer devices to reconfigure for the new SSID.