How do I get high speed internet to my community at Adams Lake BC???


I have just moved to Adams Lake, BC and am using explornet as my internet service, while it works,

it sure would be nice to have a faster connection considering the cost of the service.


What does it take to get high speed internet into a community, how does telus decide if its a viable service??


What can I do to help myself and the community here,  get faster cost effective internet service???


It is my understanding from local conversation the local Interfor Sawmill has a private high speed line that runs 400m away from my house.




Community Power User
Community Power User

There area variety of ways you might move this forward for your community:

Have as many as possible complete this form.

Work with the Adams Lake Band to bring Fibre to the area

Discuss the possibility with Interfor of expanding the service they have built

Create a local Wireless ISP, and buy centralized connectivity fro Telus



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Have a look at this link - - the BC Govt just announced an additional $50M for rural connectivity.  If you search the information through this link you can probably find a nearby ISP who would be interested in Adams Lake if Telus is not ...