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Has Anyone Connected Lorex Security Cameras

Just Moved In

I want to install a Lorex IP NVR (Network Video Recorder) security camera system and the Lorex rep advised that the NVR needs to be connected directly to a router and not through a switch. I've tried to figure out as much as I can by reading other posts here, but I don't see anything that addresses my questions. And speaking of questions, some of mine will seem pretty basic, but we all have to start somewhere.


We currently have a full suite of Telus services - Optik, landline, mobility, security monitoring, Boost wifi devices, and 1gig fibre internet. From my reading here I've found that the white Nokia box on the wall is something called an ONT, and the line from there to the WAN on the T3200M is where all the connections start. I have a Netgear switch connected to the T3200M with an assortment of computers, a smart TV and the Boost system attached to it. I think all the other cables on the T3200M have something to do with the Optik service.


First basic question: is it correct that the T3200M is the router, or router/modem? I ask this because, 1. I don't know; and 2, all the available LAN connections on the back are being used and so how would I connect the security NVR. (The Lorex rep I chatted with wasn't familiar with the T3200M and couldn't help me there.) 


I have more questions, but for now I'm looking for anyone who has successfully integrated a Lorex system into their home network. I am also still trying to get more information from Lorex.






Just Moved In



I just spent some time talking to a Telus tech and apparently the solution should be as simple as moving the Optik lines from the T3200M to my switch to free up the spots for the NVR lines. 


I'll try to remember to come back and update the results when I try it.