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Google e-mail platform

Friendly Neighbour

Can anyone explain why Telus moved to the Google platform? It's the worst platform I've ever encountered. For example, as far as I can tell, it doesn't allow messages to be sorted by sender, which is very important to many users. I've given up trying to get any support from Telus.



I can't explain why they moved to Google, but I suspect it had to do with cost. I use Thunderbird for my Telus (now Google) email and there is a "Correspondents" column that allows you to sort by sender. Gmail is much easier to use on a cell phone, so I use the Gmail app on my iPhone and Thunderbird on my home PC. They both keep mirrored copies of all my email. I can add or delete using either the PC or iPhone and the changes are reflected on the other device. Thunderbird keeps its copy on my hard drive. However, if you want to protect email from being viewed or deleted by Gmail you have to move it to a local folder in Thunderbird.