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Getting into the admin page of the Telus MoCA adaptor

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I have NH20A in my coat closet at the hallway entry of my house. I have co ax port in the bedroom. The telus tech has connected a MOCA adaptor to the wall port. Is there a way to go into the admin page of the MOCA adaptor?


The reason I want to do this is to see if it is throttled for speed in anyway. I am provisioned for 1.5 G and I am getting that speed when I connect to the 10G port on the NH20A, whereas, I am getting 940 when I test through the MOCA adaptor.




Appreciate the help in advance.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you tried searching for the specs for the specific model of MoCA adapter to see if it shipped with only a gigabit ethernet port?

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Thanks for your reply. The MOCA adaptor is a Telus provided one and the tech told me it can provide upto 2.5 G. I will check the specific model and confirm that though.