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Gamer Problems - IPs, Ports & Call of Duty


Hey folks!

I recently switched from Rogers/Shaw to Telus to get Fibre, I have the 1.5Gig plan and a brand new installed setup for Fiber. I don't know what they are called but, the one smaller square and one large main square installed on the wall, plus the tall monolith looking thing for Wifi.
(Can you tell I have no idea about this? I've never had a problem before the switch.)
Anyways - both myself and my boyfriend who live here are live-streamers who game, and we are now having problems when both trying to game at the same time, specifically while playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.
The internet tells me it's because we are on the same connection/IP - and suggests making sure specific ports are open, setting static IPs, and a bunch of other things but.... I keep being told I can't do that with telus, and need to purchase an aftermarket Router? 
It doesn't seem to matter if I am on Xbox and he is on PC, or also Xbox - one of us cannot log into the game, or if we do manage to log into the servers we cannot find any matches.

Does anyone have any suggestions here? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

You both would have had the same IP when on Shaw also. That shouldn't be the issue. The small square may just be the coil of fibre. The larger square would likely be the Network Access Hub. That one is the actual router. 


Is that the only game affected? Are there any other things you do besides gaming that are affected? Are you seeing any error messages? What do they say and what error code is shown? Are the PCs and Xboxes connected to wifi or ethernet?


Opening specific ports won't do much as the game would automatically do it on its own. Same with the Xbox. I doubt a third party router would solve anything anyways. It would just add another layer of complexity / point of failure.

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CoD does seem to be the only game impacted, judging by my google searches this has been a problem for a long time. Only thing I can see that has worked for people, is setting up static IPs and other things to distinguish two users devices - but that would require an aftermarket router that can have more than one IP. Telus support told me that they don't support that, and don't support static ones?

We have tried:
Him PC - Hardwired/w Ethernet & Me on Xbox, Wifi
Him PC - Hardwired/w Ethernet, me on Xbox, Hardwired/w Ethernet
Him Xbox - Wifi, me Xbox, Hardwired/w Ethernet
Him Xbox - Wifi, me Xbox, Wifi

Does not matter. Same result. 

Did you happen to find a solution? We just switched last week and my husband and U also can’t play cod at the same time. I will cancel and go back to shaw if there isn’t a solution.

We didn't find a fix, but we did find a work-around.
Basically, one of us has to play with our Xbox on wifi, and one of us has to play connected with an ethernet cable.

We can't both be hard wired, or it doesn't work.

We tried to assign different MAC addresses, and made sure the port forwarding was setup correctly but that did nothing. Additionally, Telus tech support was not able to help at all, zero, whatsoever. The guy on the phone literally didn't know a thing about any of that.

I'm told that if you have a 3rd party gaming router of your own, that it wouldn't be a problem but apparently Telus doesn't let you have more than one IP assignment which is why the game thinks you're one person and the wifi thing works.