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Port Forwarding Help for Telus Network Access Hub

Just Moved In

Hello friends!


I'm taking a dive into setting up a home server for use as a cloud storage device as well as some other fun things. I've got things set up on an old PC that is running Linux (Zorin OS) which will act as a server and provide services through docker containers. So far I've been having a lot of fun with things, but became have gotten stuck trying to make services available externally to my network.

My setup so far is as follows:

Purchased domain  --> Proxied through CloudFlare --> My Public IP address --> My servers private IP address


I've gotten the CloudFlare part up and running no problems, but am having problems with port forwarding. Despite setting the port forwarding rules on my NH20A router on my 1g optic plan and even turning off the firewall completely for testing, I've not been able to get ANY ports to be visible (checking through This has become a problem as trying to make services available externally is getting cut off at my public address not forwarding to ports running services on my server.


Does anyone have any ideas or troubleshooting tips on how to help this? I'm somewhat at a loss now as I've been at this for ~2 days and have not had any luck, none of the information on the other threads seems to be helpful in this case.