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I had a Telus technician come to my condo in March to set-up my unit for Fibre. He took one look at my router location and asked that I call an electrician to fish the fibre from the connector at my front door to where the router is. I have an electrician lined-up, but he needs confirmation if:

-The fibre is single mode
-The connector type needed is a model SC


I have contacted Telus support multiple times and have been passed around to multiple departments. No one seems to know the answer. One support person even gave me the phone number of the Telus Technician who came to my residence in March, but he is fully ghosting me. 


Can anyone assist? I live in Victoria, if that helps. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

That doesn't sound right. If the fibre has been run from the building/floor distribution box to your front door, then all you would need is a regular fibre installer from Telus to come out to install the line and the related hardware in the unit. The crew installing the fibre to the door is different than the Telus fibre install techs that do the in-unit work.


Are you currently using DSL? Did you call to get upgraded to fibre? Or did you call in for a new fibre install? Was a tech booked to come out to run the fibre in the unit from the door to where the router is?


Call Telus @ 1-855-595-5588 and ask the robot that answers about "fiber optic install".


Edit: Did you also confirm on Telus' website that fibre was available in the building / your unit? Usually once the lines are run to the doors of each unit, there is a period of testing and other work between the building and Telus before fibre is available in the building. In my building that period was I believe 3 or 4 weeks.

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I did have a regular fiber installer come to complete the installation in my unit, not the team that set-up the building initially. Due to the layout of my unit, he would've had to run the fibre across my ceiling which they're not supposed to do. So, he recommended I call an electrician to fish the fibre through the ceiling; following, the Telus technician will come back to finish the router install. To be honest, I don't want the fibre cable exposed running across my ceiling either -- that would look dumb. 
-I'm on copper and my neighbourhood is migrating to fibre. No option unless I move to Shaw (which I might have to!)
-Yes, we're ready to move to fibre. Our building's cut over is later this month

-I have called that number and many other numbers at Telus, even the development team that is responsible for setting up fibre. 

-The phone number I was given for the technician was the actual in-home installer. Not the person setting-up the building. He has not returned any calls to myself or my electrician

-I have even contacted my corporate contact through work (yes, I know this is residential) just to see if I could get in touch with anyone -- to no avail. 


I don't understand why Telus would recommend an electrician is contacted and then have, seemingly, no way to confirm req's and specs. 


I have preemptively ordered 9/125 single mode fibre cable with APC/APC.. we'll hope for the best...?


That is correct:

-The fibre is single mode
-The connector type needed is a model SC
"fish the fibre from the connector at my front door" If that is where your current ethernet/WAN connection is now, that is where the telus tech will terminate the new fiber. They say/are not obligated to do "extra" work at the regular installation requirements. But I though you can hire/pay telus contractors/installers to do extra work at some extra rate?