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Extremely low speeds on fibre ethernet connection, need help!

Hey guys So I am having quite a bit of issues with my fibre optic network I am currently living in a basement suite and receiving very low internet speeds lately. I used to get 950 up and down most days of the week, now it is only 95 and 100 for the past 6 months with significant amounts of buffer bloat on dslreport. There is a TL3200 modem upstairs and an ethernet port in the basement. This is where I have my 75ft cable connected to which runs to my PC My landlord has his own network (Telus and a bunch of numbers). There was a separate modem installed in his mom's basement beside mine(wifiplus) which my phone and his mom are connected to. This is a farily active network but I am the only one with a wired connection. I am also not sure why my ethernet connection shows me connected to the wifi plus network when It used to show telusxxxx. I receive 295mb link speed on my samsung connected to this wifi. Very upsetting that my wired performance is so low.  I have tried numerous network trouble shooting steps to not much avail

Reset the net Work drivers to default settings
Re install network drivers
Enable master mode and tweak QoS
Tested etherner cable with tool from home depot
Reset modem/router upstairs

I'm hoping someone is able to assist with anything I may have not tried yet I am fairly limited as I do not have complete control or access to the router but landlorwilling to help. I am also willing to pay if anyone can help as this problem has been bothering me for quite a while. Not sure if adding a router/switch on my side of the basement would be beneficial as I will be able to tweak a few more things. Just hoping to be able to get the speeds again.


I wouldn't call 100 mbps extremely slow. I have a 75 mbps plan and I have no issues working from home along side my 2 kids who are attending school remotely.


Your description of your LAN configuration isn't clear to me. Do you have separate service from your landlord or do you share the same fibre connection?