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Equipment Provided

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Hello, I am having Telus internet (1.5G) installed in my home later this month. I got the internet and a TV package and some cameras.  My question is this - what equipment do they provide for the installation? I have searched and found ActionTec to be the brand for the gateway.  Do you know the camera and I believe the modem/gateway is the same for both TV and internet.  Lastly, is there a preferred mesh wifi router to use with ActionTec?  I have an amplifi mesh wifi but I am looking to upgrade.  Thanks in advance for any help and information thank you!


Community Power User
Community Power User

Products such as cameras may change from time to time.

The gateway serves both internet and TV. The Telus supplied one will be necessary for wireless TV.

Yo can use many mesh products, including the Boost units supplied by Telus.

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