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Eliminate Nokia ONT... go direct to my own router's SFP port

Friendly Neighbour

When my PureFibre service was installed, I used my own router from the Telus provided Nokia ONT. The installer indicated that I could go direct to my own router if it had an SFP port. At the time, I didn't have such a router, but now I do. He showed me the SFP module I would need, but as i didn't need it at the time I didn't pay much attention. I should have asked him to leave me one... as I knew at some point i would be upgrading. Anyway, is anyone doing this? What SFP module do I need and do I need to tell Telus anything or will it just work. I already use my own router, so I'm not eliminating any other Telus equipment, just the ONT box.




Friendly Neighbour
Anyone? I've now tried this, but I do not get a WAN IP... so I guess I need to contact Telus and find out what's what...

Whar router are you using with sfp ?

Friendly Neighbour


Good Day…

This is exactly the installation that I’m currently utilizing… TELUS 1Gb/s fiber directly connected to a Ubiquity Security Gateway Pro 4 via the Wan 1 SFP port. Works flawlessly…

Super easy install based on my setup… TELUS installed the T3200M router/gateway on my system so the SFP module was already registered with TELUS. Pulled it from the router and install it in the USG Pro 4. That was it…

Now I don’t know if the SFP transceiver is removable from the g-240g-a type gateway so I can’t comment on that equipment.

As well, I don’t have other services such at Optic TV, or phone service installed by TELUS. So I can’t comment on just how those service may be affected.


Thanks for the reply...  so I wonder how I get them to come back out and register my SFP module. I guess just give them a call...  probably have to pay a install fee. Maybe not worth it.

What Telus equipment did Telus install at you location? Was it the Telus Black Box ONT (T3200M)? If so, just pull the little silver transceiver from the from the bottom of the ONT and slide it into the USG Pro 4 Wan 1 port...

No...  it's the white Nokia... 


That's the one I don't have... Sorry I have no idea have that device is configured... This is the one I have... 

How long have you been running yours for?  Mine's been a few months and is starting to get a little iffy.

The USG Pros run hot, and the SFP runs hot on its own.  I'm wondering if they don't love living in a USG.  I'm going to try running it in a well cooled SFP PCIe card and see if that is more reliable.

What type of setting do you have to do in order to get your Ubiquiti Security Gateway Pro to work directly with the SFP port?  I am trying to get the Dream Machine Pro to directly connect to the SFP module which comes with the T3200M but I cannot get a WAN IP address assigned to me at all.

Friendly Neighbour
I never did get this working... gave up in the end. It would have required a service visit, and I decided it wasn't worth the hassle.

I believe the sfp+ ports of the udm pro only negotiate at 1g or 10g speeds. The telus sfp-ont negotiates at 2.5g speeds so you'll need something that negotiates at that speed. I personally used a US XG6POE to get this working. Fiber to SFP+ port on switch, Then DAC cable to router.


Wouldn't waste your time since you are not going to get any real performance increase vs. an ONT. Unless the ONT happens to be installed in middle of living room and is unsightly or it really bothers you LOL. The alternate SFP transceiver Telus supplies is setup on your account to only decrypt your traffic... it is essentially an ONT in SFP package.


Some people swear by bypassing ONT that they get significantly better performance but I don't believe it - the maximum throughput over 1Gbps is 940Mbps and I have have achieved this on my setup with Some people also (wrongfully) believe that the copper CAT5e cable going from ONT to your router is also a bottleneck because it isn't fiber, and they believe that it is best to go direct Fiber into their router bypassing the ONT.


However if you have 1.5Gbps downstream service then that is another story - if you want to go down that rabbit hole spending lots of time and money so you get 1.5Gbps down on Speedtest then give Telus a call to upgrade and they will come out with a new modem and an SFP module!




There might be a hint less latency by removing the T3200M.  I also don't know if a T3200M transparently bridges.


The Ubiquiti USG Pros do happily accept Telus SFPs.  He would have to have the Nokia ONT box replaced.  A Telus tech could remove it and pair an ONT-SFP to the connection.

Just search for GPON ONT SFP. It is standard 1.244gbit up and 2.488gbit down. You can buy the SFP from Ubiquity.

Ubiquity sells these GPON ONT SFP. The standard is 1.2gbps up and 2.4 down.