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Door to door solicitation

Just Moved In

Wondering why telus has sales people who solicit for business when there is clearly a sign indicating 'No Solicitation'.  Today i had my telus door bell ring and I was expecting a delivery but instead had 2 young men standing 6 feet away indicating they were here to talk about offers. I pointed to the 'no solicitation' sign - to no avail as one keep saying his script.  When i said i wasn't interested, he kept going.  I followed with 'i already have telus' and he continued to say he had upgrade offers. This was very frustrating and exhaustive as I had to actually tell them to leave my property.  This is totally unprofessional for telus - at least send your salespeople to places where they aren't customers already.  




@SR1  Don't even engage them ------- not interested and shut the door.


They were most likely sub contracted marketing people who are selling Telus this week but Bell the week before and Shaw the next week. I gave up with the "No soliciting" sign many years ago. I have a security camera and don't even bother to answer the door if I don't recognise the person. On the odd occasion when I do answer the door I do as @polecat suggested and just say "No thank you" as I close the door.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @SR1 sorry that you were visited despite having that sign up! We maintain a do-not-knock list for residents that don't wish to be visited with promotions or offers, and we can have your address added to it, no problem. Feel free to send me a Private Message and I'll make sure that you're not visited in the future.