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Cost to run a Fibre Line to acreage?


I have read several posts about running a Fibre Line to a large lot of acreage but without any clear answer.

We are looking to purchase a 50+ acre lot in the next 1-2 years in Rural Alberta.  I am trying to factor in the cost of running a Fibre connection go the property into the costs as I have seen estimates of $1-$6 per linear foot.  The property I'm looking at with the most interest is approximately 2,853 ft from the Yellowhead Highway.  How do I even know if there is Fibre nearby so I can start factoring in the cost?  I'm fully expecting to have to pay up to $50,000 for the install but having wire HS internet at the new property would be a key deciding factor if we bought it or not.  Who is knowledgeable enough with the right access to be able to see if it's even feasible?



@AmberH  Your best way to find out about fiber. Check out nearest town and see if they have it what coverage area it has. Just because the poles have tel wires on them doesn't mean there is fiber in on them or plowed in along the fence line.Existing underground is expensive to join into. A little substation just for you costly and never mind running a pole line or plowing in the fiber to your location. Timing of fiber network expansion is something only telus knows  and doesn't release the info until the year they are doing it.  If nearest town has no fiber what year would be a wild guess.

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It’s not just the distance to the road, there is also the distance to the utility box where the nearest fibre node is located. Even in locations where the fibre is at the road, Telus will not necessarily offer FTTH to customers, as it is not cost effective to install all the infrastructure to serve the small number of customers who can physically be reached from the terminal (utility box). Usually, multiple instances of 32 customers would be fed from a single Fibre.


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