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Configure t3200m port 1 as Guest Network only

Just Moved In

I have a Telus T3200m connected to 2 Telus WiFi Boosters with Guest Network enabled.  I would like to add a 3rd Telus WiFi Booster in our AirBnB suite (in the basement) however this causes a security threat as my guests could potentially disconnect the ethernet cable going to the 3rd Wifi Booster and connect it to their laptop and access my home network (Synology Nas, laptop, printer, etc.).  


1. How can I configure port 1 to be for guest network only (isolated from my home network)?   I'm trying to avoid spending hundreds on additional hardware.  


2. Do I need a Ubiquiti dream machine to be able to achieve this (setup VLANs)?  


Thanks for your help!



When you describe your specific situation and then mention Ubiquiti this came to mind.

Ubiquiti NanoSwitch Outdoor 4-Port PoE Passthrough Switch

Pair it with a Ubiquiti AP that supports it and just watch what happens to any malicious customer that tries to unhook the rj45 and hook the cable up to his laptop...


Will Passive PoE fry equipment? 

I would suggest you enable the port 1 bridge and run that Ethernet connection to the guests. From there you can leave a cheap wifi router (not the Telus wifi booster), and even if the tenants disconnect the router they shouldn’t have access to your network.