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Changing MoCA adapter and WEB6000Q to different room

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We recently got Telus PureFibre 150 installed in our 3-storey townhouse. The setup that was installed is as follows:

  • Originally the fiber point of entry was located in the garage, but got it extended inside into the basement (had to drill a couple of holes and run additional fiber).
  • The T3200M is located in the basement connected directly to the fiber via SFP.
  • The townhouse has coax on every floor, so the T3200M is also directly connected to the coax in the basement.
  • In one of the rooms in the upper floor, there's a WEB6000Q extender connected to another coax port via a MoCA adapter.


This setup that the technician installed works fine, but there are some spots in the middle floor where the WiFi signal is a bit weak so I would like to move the WEB6000Q extender + MoCA adapter to a different coax port (either the one on the middle floor, or a different room on the upper floor) to see if the coverage improves. Or, purchase another MoCA adapter + router and place it in the middle floor.


I have tried to move the WEB6000Q extender + MoCA adapter myself to a different coax port, but the MoCA adapter does not seem to be getting coax signal (the coax light never turns on). Are there any steps that I'm missing? Do I need a splitter somewhere if I want to use different coax ports than the ones that the technician set up?




Community Power User
Community Power User

It is likely the coax in the new room is not connected to the T3200M. If you can find the other end, and connect it to the T3200M you should be good. As  Don Cherry said: It's not Rocket Surgery."

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