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Can I replace the t3200m with Asus rt-86u and still have optik tv working

Can I replace my actiontec t3200m with a Asus rt-86u? My actiontec t3200m has been replaced twice in the last two months due to the wifi dropping to 5mbps/5mbps when it should be 300/300. Unfortunately, it is now giving me 5mbps upload and download again even though it should be 300/300. I have Telus Fibre 300/300 and Telus Optik TV. Will the Asus Rt-86u completely replace the t3200m? I have simply had enough of the t3200m and the Asus Rt-86u seems to be quite decent. I’m quite new at this stuff, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


After a bit of googling it does look like that Asus model does support Multicast which is required for Optik TV to function properly. The one thing you'll need to be aware of is if you have any wireless Optik TV boxes they will need to be reconnected to your Asus. If all your boxes are hard wired you shouldn't have a problem as long as you enable multicast.


I found the instructions for doing so here

Those instructions indicate WiFi does not work due to multicast issue with WiFi. Can you confirm this 

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The instructions that were linked are for specifically setting up multicast on LAN. If the RT-86U keeps the multicast traffic only on the LAN, wifi should still work fine for your own devices but wireless Optik TV boxes won't work.

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@Nighthawk Curious, are there any routers out there that work with optik tv's wireless STB? I been scouring around and I think some have got it to work with their wireless stb on their own router?


Also, I think the rt-86u has the IGMP proxy that has an incompatible message when enabling it, which is needed for optik tv to work? Not sure if there are ways around it.

Have you considered running the Asus and the T3200M together? This is what I do. My Optik boxes and the Asus are connected to the T3200M. All other devices (40 of them) are on the Asus. You will need to manage any port forwarding accordingly if you have devices you want to access remotely.



@xray Yes, that's another option. But I was thinking more of completely removing the actiontec router and only uses the Asus router or whichever I decide to get that also supports multicast. But seems like there isn't a way to run wireless stb on other routers?