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Anyone else receive flowers from Telus for the email outage?

Helpful Neighbour

For the email outage, in addition to a few hundred dollars of credits and free Internet for a year.


I'm actually really impressed by the response. It may have a been an unacceptable technical issue, but they made up for it.




Community Power User
Community Power User
That’s definitely going above and beyond Kudos to Telus.

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I trust you have either a business account or multiple accounts.   If not,  I'm so jealous !!


@Irishgranny wrote:

I trust you have either a business account or multiple accounts.   If not,  I'm so jealous !!



Just a regular household with Home Phone Lite, basic TV, and High Speed Internet.

Amazing. I've been totally down since day 1, Aug 15. Got 1 month free internet. Nothing else. No apologies.

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I too received flowers, but no offer of free service. I called and mentioned you saying you were offered free internet for a year. Telus loyalty claimed no one has received such a grand offer as you have stated you received. I do not doubt you are telling the truth.

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I received an email offering $10 credit and a choice of bonuses. I chose free demand movies.  Told to wait for email for more information and got NOTHING!   Movies not on my account and I never saw the $10 off my bill.  Just got a song and dance

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how awesome is that!

You got hundreds of dollars in credits and free internet for a year as well as flowers!

I got peace and quiet as my email has been down for almost 4 months.

And we all got a $5 a month rate increase for internet.