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Alexa Integrator Optic TV

Has anyone been able to find the Telus Home Assistance in Alexa? Telus advertises Alexa works with optic TV, but it doesn't at this point. The Telus reps couldn't answer why it won't work. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with Alexa and it can't find Telus.


It works for me, but there is some setup required before you can use it.

See here for the setup guide.

The problem is you can't download the Telus Home Assistant skill in Alexa. It is not there when you search for it.

You may want to check if your Amazon account Content and Devices settings are switched to Canada. It's possible that it is set to US. - Just go to Manage your Content and Devices, click the Preferences tab, and set your Country/Region settings to Canada. The skill should now appear in the app on a restart/login

I'm having the same problem. And I have my content registered in Canada. In fact, when I put in just the word TELUS the only thing that comes up is the "The city of Ft Saskatchewan" not sure how that is TELUS... 

Having the EXACT same problem. Registered in Canada, No Telus Home Assistant!  I was on the chat with telus and they have not been able to provide an answer. I'll check with amazon. maybe there's something they can do to make sure it comes up on the search. I'll post again if I find out.

Just sat with a chat rep at Telus for an hour. Backend at Telus shows things are fine, it has been escalated to their “net cracking” team to coordinate with Amazon about the issue. 

I would phone the help line. Mine showed as registered in Canada, but it was not behind the scenes. It took them am hour to switch it and then the skill showed up immediately.

Just Moved In

What does 'not behind the scenes' mean? Is this an issue with Telus or Amazon?

Good question. I should have been clearer. It was an amazon issue. They took about an hour to figure it out and called me back when they switched my account to "Canadian". Everything worked after that.

Now I just finished a chat session with Amazon. Per the recommendation above, they found that my marketplace was set to .com and not .ca. They switched it over and I was able to get the skill through the app.