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Higher in-game ping after 2 weeks using the T3200M


Hi there, I've had an issue with my Internet after 2 weeks being with Telus DSL 15/ 1 on the T3200m Gateway. I currently live in GP, AB. My in-game pings/ latency (in ms) to multiplayer game servers have been higher recently. My in-game ping to the same Chicago server has raised from 50ms to 62ms, same goes for servers located in NY, VA (NA-East), they went from 70ms to 80-95ms with weird ping spikes shown on my lagometer. Everyone else's ping stayed the same when that happened. I wonder if the impact of my T3200M falling on the floor might be the reason. It might have damaged electronic components or something similar. I would like to know if I should ask for a gateway replacement to get my ping stable/ lower again. If so how much will it cost me? Thank you.
Notes: Some people will say that 10-30ms difference won't affect my gameplay, but I can assure you that I can see huge difference. I saw a difference in hitscan and delay going from 80-90ms to Chicago servers (with last ISP) to 60-75ms to Chicago servers (with Telus). Also, I've tried resetting the T3200M multiple times without success.