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Add another router to ONT


I have the Telus Wifi Hub/Modem connected to LAN1 on the ONT.  What I am wondering is can I connect my Telus T3200 to LAN2 on the ONT just for one dedicated PC separate from the Wifi hub?


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Community Power User

There is only 1 port activated on the ONT.

You can add a second router by connecting it to the T3200M. What is the purpose of the connection for the one dedicated PC?


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Thank you for your reply, whenever I use the VPN my PC connects to the 2.4GHz access point I use for my thermostat and security cameras instead of going directly through the modem so it slows down my connection dramatically. Not sure why, it is driving me crazy, so my thought was connect the T3200 to the LAN2 on the ONT and have it completely separate from the rest. Is there a way to activate the 2nd port on the ONT?

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On residential connections, only one port is active on the ONT. If the access point for your thermostat has a different network name / SSID than your other network, have you tried forgetting that network on your PC so it would no longer connect to it? That would have been my first step to take.


If you're completely set on connecting two devices to the ONT, the only way is to put a gigabit switch between the ONT and the router / T3200. 

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Thanks again, that was the first thing I tried too, but it does not show up in the device manager, somehow as soon as the VPN is enabled it's there but not there, I am at a loss as to why. I'll have to get someone to take a look because it's beyond me. I thought about the switch too but thought I'd try yhe route I described first.
thank you very much for your help.

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Use port bridge mode from the router if it has it.