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5G Tower


We are/were supposed to be getting a 5G tower placed on our property as we live in a dead zone. We want this tower so we can get Telus internet and Telus tv with the added bonus of using our cellphones in the house and not outside. However my neighbours (who are all related on all four sides of us) are convinced that this tower causes Covid 19 and are opposing it. Does anyone know if there is an online petition I can access to go to the other neighbours who are in agreement with having the tower put up? We need to not have to pay an arm and a leg for satellite internet and tv. 


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Community Power User

Which city/town are you located in?


Are they putting a full tower up (very large, expensive, lots of red tape) or just a repeater? Most 5G antennae that I've seen are small white boxes attached to light poles or telephone poles. 5G also has a very limited range compared to LTE or 3G so there are usually a ton of the 5G boxes in an area. 5G is also easily blocked by buildings / walls. If you look at a major city (ie Edmonton or metro Vancouver) on the cell tower map, you'll see large clusters of Telus "towers" in many areas. Most of those are 5G because of the short range. They need a lot of repeaters to get it to work.


If you need an example of what I call a repeater, see on Google Maps here. Look for the white box on the pole. I see those all over the place. They are typically installed on a light pole or telephone pole which means the neighbors can't do much about it.


One thing to keep in mind is that Telus doesn't offer TV and standard internet services over cellular. As far as I am aware, I'm don't believe they offer their cellular internet plans over 5G at this point either.

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