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1st Boost Wifi slower than Telus modem/router wifi in same room.


I got the boost starter pack (and was planning on getting more) to help keep signal in further parts of the house and it is giving me about 1/3 speed. I figured that was just as good as it could get as it is repeating the signal between the boosters.

Now I happened to be in the room with the Telus modem that obviously also has the 1st booster plugged into the modem and I tried connecting to the original modem wifi network and notice I get basically full speed while the booster right beside it broadcasts the same slow 1/3 speed as the booster further down in other parts of the house?


Am I doing something wrong setup wise? If the 1st booster and modem are an inch apart you'd think they'd both (at least at that location) have the same speed? I get the other boosters further along the house having lower speed but this one is right next to the modem?



Thanks for any assistance/clarification 🙂 


Are your other boosters daisy chained to the first booster? If so then there's bandwidth required for that which won't be available to client devices.