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I have a couple of suggestions to make Easy Roam more customer friendly:

  1. Have a threshold for triggering Easy Roam.
    There are many phones that for whatever reason leak a bit of data usage even with Data Roaming turned off. If there was a small daily threshold like 1 MB to account for this before triggering Easy Roam then it would help a lot. It's highly unlikely a 1 MB threshold would be abused as most intentional user activity would use much more data than that.
  2. Have a grace period just before the midnight where triggering Easy Roam would roll over to the next day instead of counting 2 days of Easy Roam. For example, if I trigger Easy Roam after 11:00 PM then it should count the same as if I triggered it after midnight. This is a common scenario for people flying and arriving late at night at their destination.
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Community Manager